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Join our Facebook group. This is a group for people to come together and share their Sew Sweet Pea projects both finished and not so finished. We love seeing everyone’s work … we all can get new ideas by looking at each other’s photos….so please share

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This is the place we post all of our informative and fun videos showcasing all things applique, sewing, card making and more! Keep susbscribed so you can see when we add new videos

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Meet the Team

Allison Nash

Creator and Owner

Martyn Smith

Design Technician

Annette Robbie

Crafter / Cutting Machine Specialist

Holly Nash


Kaelei Cowan

Writer and Social Media Coordinator

James Nash

Video Editor

Tim Dawson

Customer Service

Silvanna Sawyer

Graphic Designer

Emma Wakeling

Graphic Designer

Sweet Pea Testimonials

Kim Hollingshead

I love the sense of community and camaraderie. Projects are modern and colourful. Cute but not cutesie.

Maggie Kells

I like seeing what everyone does to make the designs original. It is a great idea to have winners each month .

Judy Kelley Forehand

Their designs are always original and the instructions are easy to understand. I especially love how after meeting anyone from Sweet Pea they seem like old friends. It’s amazing that you can feel that way about people from half way around the world. It makes the world seem smaller

Christine McIlwain

I love how Sweet Pea are community minded and fundraise for good causes. Once one becomes hooked on Sweet Pea you feel as if you are part of a world wide community! Thanks Sweet Pea!