Sweet Pea is a family business and my sister, daughter, son and two nieces work for Sweet Pea along with lots of other talented staff members.

We are world famous for our innovative designs and for our detailed easy-to-follow instructions that come with them, which are accompanied by photos illustrating every step. We have a reputation in the industry that Sweet Pea is THE place to learn about ‘In the hoop’ machine embroidery. Our designs are created with the hobby sewer and quilter in mind.

We have always received lots of emails from people who would like to sew our machine embroidery designs with an ordinary sewing machine instead of an embroidery machine. Unfortunately, this was just not possible until now as the formats and instructions are completely different for both types of machines. We have decided to convert our most popular designs to applique and sewing patterns so that everyone can enjoy our designs. Our designs will still come with our superb instructions and the Sew Sweet Pea website has lots of videos and written tutorials which we plan to be continually adding to.

One of the best parts of sewing is undoubtedly the sense of belonging to a community that goes with it. Our large online community has always been a point of difference for Sweet Pea Machine Embroidery. We believe that sewing need not be a solitary pursuit and that even a person who cannot easily physically leave the house can be part of an active sewing group. We now have nearly 60,000 members in our main Machine Embroidery Facebook group, sharing what they have been making and also their tips. Our Facebook groups are renowned for being a safe space to share ideas and learn from other members and the Sweet Pea team.

Our admin and the group members themselves are always available to answer questions and help with advice. Fabric selection does not always come easily to some people and the inspirational fabric choices shared in this group is invaluable. I am continually amazed by the creativity of our customers.

We have started a Facebook group for Sew Sweet Pea, and we are sure that over time it will grow as large if not even larger than our existing machine embroidery groups. JOIN HERE 

Here at Sew Sweet Pea, our goal is to not only make sales but to give back to the community. We aim to teach the ‘Applique’ method to as many people as possible and help you learn to get the most out of your sewing machines. We also want to show you how to use your cutting machine as a useful tool when doing applique. So many people have cutting machines stored in their cupboards and are not sure how to use them. We want to change that!

Sweet Pea also prides itself with its links to various charities. Over the last five years, we have periodically released Machine embroidery designs with all money from sales going to worthwhile causes all around the world. As at January 2020 we have donated well over $100,000.  Eventually, we hope to do the same at Sew Sweet Pea as well.

From all the staff at Sew Sweet Pea, we hope you enjoy stitching our designs as much as we have enjoyed creating them.

Allison Nash


Testimonials From Sweet Pea Machine Embroidery Addicts

 Sweet Pea doesn't just give us designs but full projects to make and enjoy. There is such pleasure in seeing a complete item come to life. The effort that goes into photographing projects and the instructions as well as their customer service makes Sweet Pea unique in this space.

Cathy Lawrence


Every design I have purchased teaches me some new little thing! The satisfaction of creating beautiful projects with Sweet Pea has made me an addict I am always excited to see what is new and am always amazed and ready for one more design💗

Sandy Jensen