Here at Sew Sweet Pea we have created our loyalty program with exciting and exclusive rewards to say ‘thank you’ to our amazing customers.

Please Note: If you are also a customer at (Machine Embroidery Designs) any points earned on will not be added to your points. These are two separate websites with two separate rewards programs.


Earn 1 Point for every $1 you spend online to unlock exciting rewards.

Refer a friend: 50 points

On your Birthday: 100 points

Leave a review on the website for a Sweet Pea product: 10 points (maximum of 1 review per week)


Earn 300 loyalty points and get 20% discount code

  1. To start earning rewards you first need to log into your account.

               If you do not have one you will need to sign up.

     2.  To enter the rewards system click on the “Rewards” tab at the bottom of the  website (making sure you are already logged in to your account):

sew sweet pea applique rewards program

How to earn Birthday points

Click on “on your birthday” and this screen will appear

sew sweet pea applique rewards program

PLEASE NOTE : After your birthday has been added, this option will no longer appear under the Earn tab.

On the day of your birthday you should receive 100 reward points which will occur automatically each year.

How to leave a product review and earn points

Another way to earn points is to leave a review on products.

To leave a review on a product you can go to the product on our website and scroll down the page to the “Customer Reviews” section.

Click on ‘write a review’.

rewards program help for sew sweet pea applique

Once your product review is published you will earn 5 points.

How to redeem your points

To redeem awards click on the green box saying “Redeem”, you will then receive a discount code which you can apply at the checkout.

sew sweet pea applique rewards program

rewards program help for sew sweet pea applique

How to Refer a Friend

rewards program sew sweet pea applique designs

Click "Refer a Friend" and make sure you copy the link and send the unique link to your friend. Your friend will click on the link and enter their details. They will then need to make a purchase for you to receive 50 points. 


rewards program sew sweet pea applique designs


Please note that the Reward Program discount codes cannot be used in combination with another discount code or promotion!

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Jill Eischer

Jill Eischer

I’m enjoying searching this new site! I have always loved what I have made from the original Sweet Pea site/offerings – and fully expect that Sew Sweet Pea will be just as great!!!

Beverly Akins

Beverly Akins

Can’t wait to get started

Sandra Townley

Sandra Townley

Looking forward to seeing the embroidery patterns being available to machine sewers as well. Nice to have the choice.



Wow! Love the site and love the amount of tutorials already showing up. Well done.

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"Friendly people that truly care about their customers. The easiest instructions of any designers I have ever used. I love ❤️ sweet pea!!"

Sue Kiskaden Paquette,

"Fabulous designs, with such easy to follow directions step by step! The color choices are so Happy all the time. You have to make each design. The creative folks at this company are out of this world!"

Linda Schantz